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your Amazon Experts

We are the Amazon experts who have been selling on Amazon for over a decade.  What started as a way to earn some extra cash during grad school, became a mission to share our Amazon expertise with brand owners who are better experts at other things. 

With Laurel Mountain Sellers by your side, you too have access to our vast resources, experience, and expertise.  We use our data and proven research systems to drive up your sales online, which helps build consumer confidence for your brick & mortar stores. 

As your authorized seller, you can expect us to

  • Optimize listings with copy, Enhanced Brand Content, and keyword research,

  • Advertise your products according to individualized goals,

  • Monitor MAP and offer solutions for violations and unauthorized sellers,

  • Assist with Brand Registry to increase your control over Amazon listings,

  • Provide customer service through meaningful follow-up emails,

  • Manage feedback to maintain accurate reviews,

  • Offer monthly reports with relevant sales and market data for your brand.


Our expertise

product messaging

We optimize your listings with properly-articulated, keyword-dense copy, professional images, and Enhanced Brand Content that results in increased conversion.

keyword research

We thoroughly research keywords for each product and its competition to increase visibility in organized and sponsored search results.

Catalog Management

We communicate with Amazon to create style-appropriate listings and eliminate duplicate and unauthorized listings.

brand control

We offer solutions to protect your brand and maintain control over your Amazon listings against MAP violators and unauthorized sellers.

Strategic Planning

We share with you our market analysis of your brand's sales trends, competition, and opportunities for growth.


We customize pay-per-click advertising campaigns to discover new market segments, increase traffic, raise brand awareness, and grow sales.

Customer service

We provide attentive customer service through tailored post-purchase emails.

Ratings & Reviews

We closely monitor feedback and ratings to respond with agility and ensure customers feel confident purchasing your products.

Dedicated Resources

Our team is wholly committed to using our experience and expertise to grow  YOUR sales.

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